Guest Post: Nutritional Mistakes by A.J. Hribal

I’m very pleased to have a special guest author here today. My cousin A.J. is a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert, and he gives some great tips in this article. Nutrition is extremely important, yet we often make bad choices without even realizing it. Avoid these mistakes. Enjoy!

This article will discuss a few of the most common nutrition mistakes people make on a daily basis

  • Not eating breakfast. This is probably the biggest mistake being made when it comes to nutrition. A proper breakfast gives your body the fuel it needs to run efficiently throughout the day.  Eating breakfast starts your metabolism and keeps it going at a higher rate. Not eating breakfast stalls your metabolism, causing feelings of low energy. This also causes the body to burn less calories. Eating a doughnut is not a good breakfast choice. Choose a healthy carbohydrate, fat, and protein source for a complete meal.
  • Not eating frequent enough. Eating breakfast is what gets the body’s metabolism revved up. Now the problem is keeping it elevated the whole day. Whether the goal is to gain muscle or lose fat, your body constantly needs fuel to keep going. If you quit putting logs on a fire every so often, it burns out. The same effect happens with the metabolism. You feed your body breakfast, but then don’t eat again for six or seven hours. The end result is that you crash, lack energy, and the body’s ability to burn calories is slowed tremendously. Solve this problem by eating a healthy meal every three to four hours.
Nutritional Mistakes

Nutritional Mistakes

  • Understanding how to read labels. Labels on food packages can be very misleading and deceiving. Many labels say fat free, reduced sugar, and reduced fat. What most people don’t understand is just because something says fat free doesn’t mean it is. Take spray butter for example. The label says fat free. It is partially right. The serving which is a few sprays is “fat free”. The whole bottle actually contains almost ninety grams of fat. Use more than the serving, and you are getting extra fat in your diet. When looking at labels, look for things that have low to zero saturated fat, whole wheat or whole grain products, and low to zero sugar content.
  • Eating healthy foods that are not healthy. There are many food choices that are very poor that are masked as healthy. For example, hundred-calorie packs of Oreos. True, they are only one hundred calories. The problem is that you are still consuming a hundred calories worth of Oreo’s which have almost no nutritional value. Have some fruit or vegetables for a snack instead.
  • Carbohydrates are bad. That statement is completely false. The problem with carbohydrates is that people eat too many of them, and too much of the wrong kind. Things such as soda and candy contain sugar. Excess amounts of sugar cause weight gain. Spaghetti is a good example of consuming too many carbohydrates at one time. Most people eat huge plates of spaghetti, consuming a hundred grams of carbohydrates or more at one sitting. Most of what the body doesn’t need gets stored as fat. Solve this by eating balanced meals, and by not over consuming carbohydrates.

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