Overcoming Laziness

When it comes to overcoming laziness, most of us need a little motivation to nudge us in the right direction. It seems that our default mode as human beings has been programmed to “idle.” When faced with daily decisions and obstacles, the average person tends to make the choice that offers the least amount of work. This sad reality extends into all aspects of life, and exercise and fitness are no exception. It seems that many people today want a “magic button” that they can push to do work for them, something that allows them to bypass all the effort and sweat. Today’s post is about overcoming laziness and this desire to abstain from hard work. Everybody has the ability to accomplish great and amazing things if they only tap into their potential. Our goals are all before us and ready for the taking, we just have to be willing to put in the work.

Overcoming Laziness

Overcoming Laziness

When you woke up this morning did you have a plan for your day? Did you have a certain set of goals and objectives that you wanted to accomplish? If you want to see real success in overcoming laziness and adopting a better work ethic, then the first step is in making the time to plan. I talk a lot on here about planning, about knowing what it is you want to do and how you want to go about doing it. You need to learn to treat your workouts as if they were an important business meeting. You need to physically schedule them into your day, write them in on a calendar or enter them into your phone. It’s so easy to brush off exercise with excuses and cop-outs, especially if you live a busy or crazy life. You may have kids, work long hours, or perhaps you have kids AND work long hours. It will be hard and it will be challenging, but treating your workouts as something important will FORCE YOU to MAKE TIME for them.

Make Overcoming Laziness A Habit

As you can tell, I get pretty worked up on topics such as this. Overcoming laziness is something that all of us have the ability to conquer, so I want you to truly appreciate the significance of what it can bring. Laziness, like any personal quality, is developed through repetition and converted into habit. The more times we make a choice that caters to our natural laziness, the easier and more likely it becomes that we will choose that option again in the future. For example, skipping a workout might make you feel guilty the first 2 or 3 times that you do it, but by timeĀ  number 10 the guilt is all but gone. This is due to the fact that you’ve made laziness a habit, and you’ve rationalized your decisions through excuses and alibis that justify your actions. I did an entire separate post on how easy it is to convince yourself of anything.

Therefore, if comfort is so easily found in neglecting good choices, then how do we go about overcoming laziness? Easy. The best way to avoid catering to your idle urges is to build good habits that take the place of the bad. I once heard that doing something 19 times makes it into a habit. I don’t know if that’s a factual number or not, but the point that statement is trying to make is that habits form through consistent application. Consistently applying certain decisions or choices will instill in your mind a predisposition upon which you base all actions. This is why it’s EXTREMELY important to develop habits that make you accountable to your exercise. The foundation for overcoming laziness is built upon this principle, and declining to adhere to it will only result in failure.

Overcoming Laziness Means Working Hard

It seems almost a foregone conclusion that overcoming laziness would mean working hard. Fitness can be likened to the maintenance of a vehicle. I love to use the car analogy when applicable, and in this instance it most certainly is. The people who consistently take care of their vehicles are the same people who see their vehicles last for many years. The people who simply drive their cars with little care as to what’s under the hood, however, are the ones who see problems arise. The same thing holds true with our bodies. Our bodies are like vehicles, and it’s up to us to make sure that they’re properly maintained. Whereas vehicle maintenance might include oil changes, tire rotations, etc.., maintaining our bodies comes through consistent exercise and proper nutrition.

It can be time consuming and expensive to take care of a car. You have to schedule appointments at the garage, alter your schedule, or maybe even carpool for a few days, yet we do it because we think it’s important. We need that same type of mentality with our workouts. The point that I’m trying to make through this analogy is that overcoming laziness can only take place through hard work. We need to be willing to make sacrifices and work hard if we want to see real results. There’s no “magic button”, no “secret potion” that solves all our problems for us. There is, however, a means within each of us that allows us to accomplish our goals. We just need to recognize the importance of overcoming laziness and adopting better habits, then go about the process of creating them.

Start Overcoming Laziness Right Now

Today’s post was centered around overcoming laziness, and it offered several suggestions on how to do just that. First off, you need to develop a plan that recognizes the importance of exercise as part of your daily schedule. Secondly, you need to use that plan to create new habits that replace the lazy desires that your old habits catered to. And lastly, you need to maintain that plan over time by keeping the proper perspective on just how important your body and health is to you. It’s a new month, so start overcoming laziness and make the changes now! Have a great day guys!



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